February 23, 2022


Wednesday Warriors – Roundtable Q&A

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How to get your VA to be more effective, thinking which parts of your business can benefit the most from automation and how to improve on your conversion rate are all challenges that the member is facing and discussing in this week’s session. Other topics that surfaced are what client nurturing processes look like and exploring how many roles do the members close per year and where these positions came from, eg leads, recurring business etc.

[05:37] How did Andrew get his VA to be more effective
[13:36] What is the thing you need to focus on right now to level up
[15:36] Instead of thinking you want to automate – rather think about what part of the business can you leverage the most on through automation
[18:35] Drawing out what you want your automation to do can help you to set up the process
[20:35] How to improve the conversion rate of conversations into sales
[22:50] Keep close contact with contacts that are not yet clients
[23:09] Taylor’s client nurturing process
[30:00] You can’t sell to people who don’t have a need, make sure you target the right people
[34:56] During apprenticeship it is helpful to have a recruiter in the office to have them shadow you
[36:06] The Socratic method
[56:15] On average – how many roles do you close p.y and where do these roles come from?

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