August 18, 2021


Wednesday Warriors – Module 2 – Billings Accelerator – Insights, Takeaways & Actions

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In this session we asked our members to watch Module 2 of the Billings Accelerator course and report back with takeaways and insights. The general consensus was that there are a great deal of members who still feel there is some fine tweaking to be done to define your niche and to essentially start with “following the money” to see where that particular vertical within your niche goes. The group also discussed the Concept of Inverted Cones, and how to use LinkedIn to further target your avatar client and candidate.

00:00-20:44 – Wins/Progress Updates
20:45- Alex shares his takeaways and insights
22:31-23:53 – Wendy shares how she is trying to niche down and can see the benefit in doing so
23:54- Sabrina shares how she’s been thinking about the criteria of the type of client she wants to take on moving forwards
26:22- Alexandra shares how having too many options can cause overwhelm – Mark suggests to follow the money
32:39-35:56 – Full avatar process – written document of what your ideal client looks like
35:57-38:53 – Jurryt shared his thought process of the direction of his niche moving forwards
38:54-42:00- The Concept of Inverted Cones
42:01-48:33- Aaron speaks about being in a broad niche, the pros and cons of SAP/avatars/LinkedIn poll
48:34-53:05 – The Concept of Inverted Cones Continued
53:05 -56:53 – Shield Analytics Analysis
56:54- 1:02:55- Next Actions

Recommendations mentioned in the session (tools, articles, books, websites):
📄 Diagram – Inverted Cones

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