February 16, 2022


Wednesday Warriors – Converting conversations to Job Orders

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There are many reasons why you would want more of your sales calls to convert into cash-paying customers. There are as many approaches you can take to achieve the outcome you desire. In this session, the team discovers five tips to help you to make your calls more effective and to help you to hone in on your sales skills as a business owner.


[06:36] How to convert more prospects into paying clients
[07:08] What is your conversion rate?
[11:07] The ability to sell is the key to being a business owner
[13:18] What is the cost of failing to hone your skill set in this area
[15:40] Don’t want to sound too salesy
[16:25] What are your negative beliefs regarding salespeople?
[17:40] Consider yourself as a doctor making a prognosis and bringing solutions
[18:50] Tip #1: Know your desired outcome
[20:57] Tip #2: Follow a Framework
[22:42] Tip #3: Talk Less, Listen More
[23:37] What are the 5 steps in the framework?
[26:43] Only a finite number of problem clients experience – determine the underlying cause
[30:22] Find the pain – make clients aware of the pain they experience personal & business
[35:00] Give a prescription – how to Solve their problem
[37:25] Tip #4: Provide proof that you can solve their problem
[42:30] Tip #5: Ask for the business you want
[48:08] Magic Bullet Sales Questions
[57:43] Questions to gain commitment are vital
[1:00:30] Key takeaways from the session

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Mark Whitby is one of the world's leading coaches for the recruitment industry. Since 2001, he has trained over 10,000 recruiters in 34 countries. Mark has helped recruiters to double or triple their billings and owners to increase their team's sales by 67% in 90 days.

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