July 06, 2022


Wednesday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights

In this session, topics on tooling and platforms for candidate contacts and email campaigns were discussed where attending member shared best practices. Discussion points on business campaigns and challenges wer also discussed. Upcoming contents for LinkedIn and LMS were also shared to the group.


[2:20 – 8:06]  The group shares their questions to be included in the agenda.
[8:07 – 11:54]  Discussion on available tools in the US to find contact info for candidates.
[11:55 – 15:52] Alexandra shares updates on video contents she put up for case studies.
[15:53 – 18:42] Group sharing of wins.
[18:43 – 23:42] Jodi’s question on how to avoid your email campaigns getting to the spam folder while using Dripify and integrating Insterseller into ATS.
[23:43 – 36:55] Discussion point shared by Karen on business challenge campaign.
[36:56 – 49:29] Alexis shared a question on dealing with two candidates both being interviewed by the same client.
[49:30 – 57:11] Discussion on LinkedIn Content Generator
[57:12 – 59:32] Discussion on the LMS and contents.
[59:33] Leanne shared tips on LinkedIn banner, profile video, and other features.

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