February 08, 2022


Tuesday Titans – Roundtable Q&A

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During this session, the team touched base, discussing some of the most pressing issues that all experience. They cover content on marketing campaigns and how to make content evergreen. Then they went to metrics and surveys, how to recycle candidates and even the importance of business development comes under the scope.


[3:20] Karen’s salary survey and how to optimally use it

[05:40] When you have something important to post, transform it into a campaign rather than a single post

[11:00] Transforming events such as webinars into evergreen content

[14:42] Gordon is doing a mentoring campaign – how to set up such an event to deliver the most traction

[20:10] A golden PR nugget from Greg Savage

[22:53] Carlo having 1 VA train another

[26:50] Progress updates are beneficial to buy you time

[30:22] Alexis shares how many touchpoints are necessary for a private equity placement

[34:00] How knowing your metrics help to improve your systems

[35:50] How to recycle candidates?

[40:14] Martin expands on his metrics and processes

[44:40] Map your business structure to see where you can withdraw yourself and expand your business

[47:10] Doing business development is vital

[52:00] Continue to explore the next level

[57:15] Key focus for the week

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