February 02, 2022


Tuesday Titans – Roundtable Q&A

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Sometimes progress takes place slowly and at other times success just pours down onto us. In this session the team shares in Alexis’s excitement about her breakthrough in being more assertive in into calls, getting the client and doing so at top rates. Then there was also much to learn from Karen’s trainee leaving after only 3 weeks, Carlo’s challenges with VPNs and VA and Gordon getting a webinar ready in the shortest possible time.


[01:20] Watch 14 Peaks on Netflix

[02:46] Touching on the importance of doing the health check to identify small changes to bring big returns

[03:34] Wins shared in FB

[05:08] Alexis shares how she won another new client, increasing her confidence and leaving her feeling validated

[15:25] Don’t decide what a client is willing to pay on their behalf

[16:16] Karen shares the process she went through with a new trainee who left and what she learned from the process

[24:13] Having too many clients give you the chance to grade your clients and stick with the best

[25:33] What is your #1 strategy that you are incorporating right now?

[26:06] VA’s and how to best deal with VPNs 

[35:05] You can always have VAs build and clean up your database

[36:44] Track candidates to keep them on your radar

[39:11] What is the one top thing you are focusing on right now?

[48:10] Gordon shares his webinar registration form

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