December 07, 2021


Tuesday Titans – Roundtable Q&A

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The session centres around an email example that James sent out and didn’t deliver on the kind of results that he is used to getting. The team makes a range of suggestions that can help to improve the outcome of his efforts that ranging from playing around with subject lines to make it personalized and rather delivering quality over quantity. They’ve also touched on Active Campaign and using Splash Top for VAs. They also share several video messaging resources.

[00:30] The challenges of a client-driven market and the possible solutions to challenges
[03:15] Wins
[07:05] How does Splash Top work for VAs
[09:30] Active Campaign – any tips?
[13:25] James asks for help with poor results from email campaigns
[16:30] CB Insights – a valuable resource to find clients and candidates to help Richard with market mapping
[20:00] James shares his email example – exploring possible improvements to it
[38:29 ] Martin shares their personal strategy when it comes to sending emails to candidates
[46:10] What are your options when you want to record a video and sent it to someone?
[54:40] What is the next thing you need to do?


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🌐 Mr Backoffice 
🌐 Active Campaign 
🌐 CBInsights 
🌐 Vidyard 
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🌐 Vimeo 
🌐 Odro 
🌐 Covideo

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