August 24, 2021


Tuesday Titans – Module 3 – Billings Accelerator – Insights, Takeaways & Actions

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In this session, the group discusses the importance of case studies and building up a portfolio to use as leverage when generating new clients. The group shares ideas on how to best communicate with clients in order to reassure them that you are the partner of choice and that your service aligns with your client needs. Each member then shares their “elevator pitch” and Mark critiques and gives suggestions on how to enhance and improve these.

00:00-06:08 – Wins
06:09-14:12 – Members takeaways/insights from Module 3 of Billings Accelerator
14:13-17:39 – Mark shares his screen to show a case study example
17:40-18:38 – Creating a case study for every placement
18:39-19:10 – Benefits of having a portfolio of case studies – making you the partner of choice
19:11-20:40 – Psychology and mindset in order to communicate how your services are aligned with your clients needs
20:41-25:00 – Gordon suggest the idea of using a case study as part of an MPC campaign
25:01-30:16 – Caroline shares her insights on the module
30:17-32:41 – What is the client’s end result in partnering with you?
32:42-39:18 – Martin Handfield – Elevator Pitch Critique
39:19-43:58 Wayne Daley – Elevator Pitch Critique
39:11-46:06 Gordon Rennie – Elevator Pitch Critique
47:07-48:56 – Richard Grafham – Elevator Pitch Critique
48:57-51:41 – Nick Blows – Elevator Pitch Critique
51:42-56:23 – James Howell – Elevator Pitch Critique
56:24-1:00:01- Leading with your elevator pitch/where to use this

Recommendations mentioned in the session (tools, articles, books, websites):
📄 Diagram – Inverted Cones

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