August 17, 2021


Tuesday Titans – Module 2 – Billings Accelerator – Insights, Takeaways & Actions

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In this session we asked our members to watch Module 2 of Billings Accelerator and to report back their takeaways and insights. For some members, it highlighted that further refinement or fine-tuning was required in order to narrow down their niche further. For other members, they were facing the constraint of whether they were too niche and how to broaden their niche. Each member gives a first hand perspective of where they are at with defining their niche, and what was certainly a general consensus was that this is an ever changing and evolving process that will need to be revisited time and time again.

00:00-09:44 – Wins/Introductions
09:45 – 13:41 – Pete shares his takeaways and Mark suggests ways to try and see this as an ongoing and evolving process
13:42 – Rich shares how to prevent dilution, saying no to a client, and how to recycle
15:18-17:09 – Partnering with another recruiter
17:10-20:54 – Nick shares the struggle of narrowing niche too much or too little, turning away business, and being more disciplined
20:55-24:16 – Karen shares how she wants to be in a more defined niche
24:17-27:42 Liking a client/is it going to be fun? Are these factors to take into consideration?
27:43 – 29:42 – Bernadette shares about her plan moving up the value chain within her niche and work on more senior levels
29:43-32:47 – Caroline shares that you can be sucked into working on roles that are outside of her specialised area
32:48-38:34 – Mike shares his insights regarding his niche
38:35 Gordon shares that he’s looking to further refine his niche
42:49 – James shares his vision and the challenge of choosing niche based on geographic or specialist area – what fulfils your longer term ambitions?
50:41-56:44 – Mark suggests to Pete to redefine in his job order score card
56:45-1:06:34 – Mike shares a scenario where a client relationship has broken down

Recommendations mentioned in the session (tools, articles, books, websites):
📄 Diagram – Inverted Cones
📄 7-Figure Recruitment Business Models

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Mark Whitby is one of the world's leading coaches for the recruitment industry. Since 2001, he has trained over 10,000 recruiters in 34 countries. Mark has helped recruiters to double or triple their billings and owners to increase their team's sales by 67% in 90 days.

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