March 23, 2021


Tuesday Titans Inner Circle – Member Roundtable Q&A

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Yesterday we kicked off the first Tuesday Titans Inner Circle session with a roundtable member Q&A session. In this session we dived into how members stay focused and the sharing of ideas surrounding this. We also covered how to reposition yourself and/or realign/restate your expectations and boundaries with a client in order to upgrade your level service offering.

[00:00-11:08] – Introduction
[11:09-19:46]- Shield Analytics
[19:47-26:45] – Visa issues (US) working remotely in other countries
[26:46-37:07] – The dilemma of upgrading a client relationship/restating expectations/boundaries
[37:08-40:42] – How to stay focused – members share their ideas
[40:41-43:01] – How to reposition/transition with clients that are used to working in a certain way
[43:02-49:17] – How to stay focused and finding your why/purpose continues – members share their ideas
[49:18-55:59] – Tech stack/tools suggestions
[56:00-1:01:52] Specialisation and going about focusing in on your niche

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