January 18, 2022


Tuesday Titans – Creating SOPs For Your Business

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When it comes to answering the need of freeing your time by delegating certain tasks off to other members of your team, setting up a successful SOP system surely is the magic wand you are looking for. This magic wand requires a small time investment on your side, but if you follow the correct steps in the process and set up a clear system, it can bring you a major return on your time investment. An SOP is a key to effective delegation, freeing your time to focus on what you really want to expand your business.


[0:30] Wins
[4:50] Which systems and processes in your business can you outsource to relieve the bottlenecks in your business?
[06:40] To scale your business and not have everything depend on you, you need systems
[07:15] What exactly are an SOP and all you need to know about it to use it effectively
[18:10] How can you store these SOPs in a manner that is easy to find?
[22:03] An example of an SOP template and how to complete it
[25:30] Screenshots make it easy to understand what you are explaining
[27:50] Practical examples of how you can document the process to enable others to do it
[30:00] What tasks would you want your team to take off your plate?
[41:15] What is your time worth per hour?

📄 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template
📄 SOP – How To Record Member Attendance
📄 Inner Circle Creating SOP
📄 SOP – How to Turn Slack Messages Into Asana
📄 Q&A with Lauren Stiebing
🌐 hiretool.io
🌐 hirenexus
🌐 imspeople
🌐 Amy Porterfield
🌐 The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
🌐 Snagit
🌐 The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber

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