February 15, 2022


Tuesday Titans – Converting conversations to Job Orders

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Sales calls can be daunting, leaving you feeling insecure, resulting in a far smaller ratio of sales calls converting prospects into paying clients. In this session, the team discusses the different questions you can ask and how to frame these questions to transform every call into one worthy of your time. Determine in advance what outcome from this call you’ll see as a win as well as what possible concerns the prospect may have so that you can address these concerns by asking the righ questions. Make every sales call a win for you!


[02:15] What do you want to gain from converting more prospects into clients
[05:18] Presentation of how to convert more prospects into paying clients
[08:09] Sales is the number 1 skill in being a business owner
[10:24] You have a limited number of resources on candidates, but unlimited number of clients
[11:45] What is the cost of not mastering the skill of sales?
[15:14] Lack of conversion is due to a lack in either mindset, skillset or toolset
[16:10] What are the limiting mindsets that can lower your conversion rate?
[18:30] How to overcome your fear of being to salesy
[20:50] Be clear on your desired outcome before making the call – what would be a win?
[25:40] Roleplay can help in your preparation for client interaction
[28:40] Set up your call strategy in a manner that makes it impossible to lose – prepare for all possible scenarios
[32:09] Consider the call as a networking call rather than a sales call
[35:00] Phrase asking for referrals in a manner that it sounds you are expanding your network
[38:37] Magic Bullet Sales Questions – have on hand for when you need them
[43:35] Don’t rapid fire questions – weave them into conversation
[46:50] Start big and drill down with questions – helps to understand the complete situation
[50:29] What are the problems you anticipate your clients to have? Frame your questions to solve these problems
[55:50] Ask questions that highlight the consequences – amplify the pain you can take away
[58:23] What questions can you ask to gain their commitment?
[1:00:41] What action can you take on your sales call?

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Mark Whitby is one of the world's leading coaches for the recruitment industry. Since 2001, he has trained over 10,000 recruiters in 34 countries. Mark has helped recruiters to double or triple their billings and owners to increase their team's sales by 67% in 90 days.

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