March 22, 2022


Tuesday Sherpa Call

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In this session, the team shares how they solidify their relationships with candidates that they have placed. Several gift ideas surfaced to get the ideas flowing, but the level of the communication might just be the most important factor. Other topics touched on are determined by the next right thing for every member. This varies from expanding candidate lists to building candidate nurture plans, improving tech stacks and automation and doing client development.

[02:32] Wins
[10:36] What is your next best thing
[11:05] Clark wants to know how to approach a new relationship with an old client
[22:26] If you are confident you can make the placements – ask for a retainer. If you are not sure, a retainer can cause additional stress.
[28:00] Once a candidate signs – how many check-ins do you to solidify the relationship?
[38:00] There are different things you can do at different stages – LinkedIn reviews, testimonials
[43:24] The next right things
[44:50] Martin struggles with candidates and Loxo’s emails – lacks focus – should delegate it
[49:50] Alex – working on team and expanding recruiter capacity
[52:00] Gordon – candidates and building a candidate nurture campaign
[53:20] Clark – client development – get the conversations going with legacy clients, working on the elevator pitch, refining niche
[56:08] Robert – working on clients – VA creating an automated message to key officers
[58:26] Gina – focus on operations, tech stack and automation
[1:01:55] Would it be helpful to create an email pseudo email account to reduce the number of users?
[1:03:55] Taylor – still struggling with candidate delivery, marketing strategy

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🌐 After care campaign for placed candidates
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