June 21, 2022


Tuesday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights:

Group sharing of wins and updates on VA hires. Key topics covered include how to build relationships with clients in an executive search to increase the potential of repeat business, best practices on increasing response rate from the candidate side, and tips on how to revive the performance of your VA.


[03:46 – 05:03] Scott shares his wins – first interview on a Director role.
[05:04 – 06:22] Gina’s win – shifting from LinkedIn Helper to Dripify.
[06:23 – 07:21] Alexandra’s win – working on a CPO role in crypto.
[07:22 – 09:22] Scott shares his timeline on fully transitioning to the Loxo automation.
[09:23 – 11:51] Andrew shares his timeline for hiring a VA and shifting his focus on marketing.
[11:52 – 15:20] Robert updates his actions to increase his job orders and how he improved the productivity of his VA.
[15:21 – 20:59] The group shares insights on Robert’s question about “balancing out the clients” considering the economic situation.
[21:00 – 23:43] Clark updates the group on his BD/email campaign.
[23:44 – 28:09] Group shares inputs on Mark’s question: “What else have you added or done to your recruiting campaigns to increase the overall response?”
[28:10 – 33:14] Group question on offering bonus or commission for a referral from candidates.
[33:15 – 38:19] Ideas shared on increasing response from the candidate side: telephone, sending a video, text messaging, and Loxo.
[38:20 – 40:36] Sharing of practices on text messaging – content and message format.
[40:37 – 47:20] Bernadette shares updates – the key topic is on focusing and planning and her VA.
[47:21 – 58:52] VA Management – members share practices for improving your VAs performance.
[58:53 – 1:05:49] Christina asks a question on Dripify.
[1:05:00] Karen shares her question on training.

Documents & Resources
🌐 Dripify
🌐 Loxo
🌐 Interseller
🌐 Crunchbase
📄 Gina McLoughney – open question sequence post connection
📄 Tue Sherpa Call – 2022 – 06 – 21

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