July 12, 2022


Tuesday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights

Group discussion and updates on marketing campaigns and business development. Detailed review of LinkedIn profiles – tips, ideas, and suggestions were shared to increase relevance and to further stand out.


[3:09 – 9:09] Sharing of wins and updates.
[9:10 – 11:12]  Pointers to consider on what tasks to delegate your VA. 
[11:13 – 13:37] Alexis shared a good feedback on her LinkedIn post; importance of consistent posting and potential impact.
[13:38 – 22:59] Alexandra shared a discussing point on a client suddenly changing work location which will constitute a new search. Group shared insights.
[23:00 – 33:14] Detailed review of Christina’s LinkedIn profile – group ideas and suggestions for each sections.
[33:15 – 39:45] Detailed review of Paul’s LinkedIn profile – group ideas and suggestions for each sections.
[39:46 – 43:41] Questions from Bernadette – power planning by Jordan Rayboy; setting up email domains.
[43:42 – 48:53] Scott’s question on keeping in touch with current clients – team shared suggestions.
[48:54 – 52:06] Check in on group’s individual activities.
[52:07 – 55:54] Taylor shared a discussion point on challenges in getting candidate traction.
[55:55 – 1:00:02] Gordon shared updates on the sprints he organized.
[1:00:03 – 1:01:29] Jodie’s campaign updates.
[1:01:30] Michael’s campaign updates.

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