June 23, 2022


Thursday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights

Group shared updates on hiring VAs to support not only the sourcing part but also business development. Insights were shared on Alexandra’s question on increasing chances of repeat business for executive search.


[01:46 – 04:39] Alexis’ win: how she got a retained business
[04:40 – 05:29] Michael’s win: how he was settled on a pay dispute.
[05:30 – 07:13] Steve’s win: status of his candidate that was referred to by another candidate he placed.
[07:14 – 09:59] Check-in: Steve’s progress on hiring a VA.
[10:00 – 13:04] Discussion on training someone in the same location/office: ways to transfer knowledge [to subsequent hires so you do not have to repeat it over.
[13:05 – 15:26] Peter’s progress update on his VA.
[15:27 – 21:45] Peter initiated a discussion on his senior candidates wanting to do a confidential search.
[21:46 – 24:41] Chris shared his updates on marketing and business development.
[24:42 – 30:35] Alexis shares updates on her business development and her plan on hiring someone to
help on the administrative side.
[30:36 – 42:05] Group shares insights on Alexandra’s question regarding the distribution of clients in an executive search and repeat business.
[42:06 – 46:10] Jodi’s updates on using CRM and automated campaign platforms (Octopus).
[46:11 – 52:25] Michael’s updates on his recently hired VA.
[52:26] Peter’s question on hiring a VA on the BD side.

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🌐 LinkedIn Lead Flow System
🌐 Onlinejobs.ph
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