June 16, 2022


Thursday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights:

Group sharing of wins and challenges. Key takeaways on different automation and CRM platform usage and recommendations. Discussions on MPC strategies and business development were also tackled.


[03:16 – 07:27] Wins of the week sharing.
[07:28 – 13:00] Group insights on Adrian’s question about an opportunity in Dubai.
[13:01 – 21:13]  Alexandra’s question on a potential MPC candidate targetting large-scale organizations.[21:14 – 31:21] Peter shared questions about managing his VA & features of Job Adder
[31:22 – 35:57] Marty shares updates on his strategies in approaching candidates due to recent layoffs.
[35:58 – 42:33] Alex shared his updates on his business development.
[42:34 – 46:35] Scott shares his progress with using Loxo; Peter asked a question on Scott’s deciding factors for using Loxo.
[46:36 – 51:01] Dan’s update on adapting practices from Skip Freeman and asks for best practices for training his VA.
[51:02] Taylor shares updates and initiated discussion on MPC campaigns and strategies.

Documents & Resources
🌐 Jobadder
🌐 Splashtop
🌐 Loxo
🌐 Asana
🌐 Sourcebreaker

Book recommendations:
📄 Pitch Anything 
📄 Flip the Script

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