February 04, 2021


Terms of Business & Engagement With Existing & Prospective Clients

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In this session, we discuss the terms of engagement with prospective clients, the workarounds, the scenarios we have faced, the obscure “asks” from clients. We debate the importance of knowing the worth of your service, and what you are actually pitching to the client. We discuss the importance of reviewing your terms of business regularly, and how to also increase revenue by offering additional services/features. Finally, we discuss the impact of the pandemic, and how clients may have opened up candidate generation pools as a result of not being as strict about where candidates are based now, as they can work remotely.

[00:00-03:58] – Introduction
[03:59-12.30] – How to keep prospective clients warm
[12:31-36:02] – Dealing with clients who pick apart your terms of business
[36:03-43:15] – The reluctance to increase your fees, and the pros to increasing your fees
[43:16-51:59] – Additional features/services you can offer prospective clients as part of your package
[52:00-57:58] – Has the pandemic resulted in your clients being less strict on commute times/location specifics? Members talk about the generation of a new candidate pool

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Mark Whitby is one of the world's leading coaches for the recruitment industry. Since 2001, he has trained over 10,000 recruiters in 34 countries. Mark has helped recruiters to double or triple their billings and owners to increase their team's sales by 67% in 90 days.

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