How to Export Your LinkedIn Contacts

Can you still export your LinkedIn Connections in the new interface?  YES you can! Here’s the short-cut…Click to Tweet In this article and video tutorial, I’ll show you how to export your connections in LinkedIn (including email address) to a spreadsheet or csv file. Once you know how, it’s very simple. However the “Export Connections” button is not […]

You Want More Business? So Get on the Phone!

James Caan, multi-millionaire, Dragon, founder of the Alexander Mann Group was asked, “How can I get my consultants to be more productive?” His reply, “Tell them to get on the f***ing phone.” That’s how he built his recruitment business in 1985, cold-calling prospects from a tiny office in Pall Mall. Would that still work today? […]

How to Generate More Leads

Lead generation is actually pretty simple. You talk to lots of people in your niche, and ask lots of questions. You’ll quickly find out “who’s who” — who’s hiring, who’s firing; who’s expanding, who’s downsizing; who’s won the contract, who’s lost the contract; who’s hot, who’s not. Lead generation should be one of your objectives […]

3 Tactics For Getting Past Voicemail and Reaching More Decision-Makers

Are your marketing and recruiting efforts being thwarted by voicemail? Recruiters are finding it increasingly difficult to reach prospects by telephone. Some clients and candidates seem to leave their voicemail on permanently! Here are three tried and tested tactics to get past voicemail and have more conversations with decision makers. 1. Don’t leave a message […]