8 Reasons for Not Accepting a Counter Offer

Don’t wait until the resignation stage to start talking to your candidate about a potential counter offer. Do it right at the beginning of the process, during your first interview with him/her. This allows you to disqualify the high-risk candidates early – the ones who are unlikely to make a move. It also gives you the […]

Want to Close More Sales? Ask Better Questions!

The “gift of the gab” is often regarded as a defining characteristic of successful salespeople. The truth is that over-talking actually loses more sales than it wins. And unfortunately the people who monopolize conversations usually aren’t aware they’re doing it and will never know how much money this habit is costing them. [pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Epictetus, […]

Recruiting and the Curse of Assumption

Have you ever been guilty of making assumptions? I know I have. During the placement process, there are lots of things you might assume. For example: Assuming the candidate will get good references. Assuming the candidate will prepare for the interview. Assuming the candidate will show up! Assuming the candidate is only interviewing with your […]

9 Reasons to Call Instead of Sending Email

Does your sales office sound like a typing pool?  I’ve noticed that many recruiters prefer to email instead of actually speaking to their clients and candidates. Here are 9 reasons why that’s a bad idea: You can’t build relationships by email.  Imagine if you only emailed your friends and family instead of calling them.  How […]