You Want More Business? So Get on the Phone!

James Caan, multi-millionaire, Dragon, founder of the Alexander Mann Group was asked, “How can I get my consultants to be more productive?” His reply, “Tell them to get on the f***ing phone.” That’s how he built his recruitment business in 1985, cold-calling prospects from a tiny office in Pall Mall. Would that still work today? […]

12 Ways to Get Dialling

Let’s face it. Canvassing is the part of our job that most recruiters hate. In fact, we’ll usually do almost anything to avoid it! And yet we all know that sales activity is critical to success in recruitment. So why do we tend to procrastinate when it comes to prospecting? Although we don’t like to […]

How to Increase Your Sales Activity

Do you ever procrastinate when it comes to prospecting? I know I certainly do. It’s human nature to avoid tasks that we find uncomfortable. Yet most recruiters would agree that developing new business is absolutely essential for success in recruitment, especially in the current climate. So how can we get ourselves to pick up the […]