How to Use Landing Pages to Capture Warm Leads

Building a permission-based email list is the foundation stone that all your inbound marketing activities are built upon. Therefore, capturing your prospects’ contact information, especially their email address, is a critically important step in your marketing funnel. But what is the best way to do this? Whilst there are other options, one of the most […]

Why Content Doesn’t Kill The Sales Call

With all the talk of content marketing being the “ultimate solution” for B2B sales and marketing professionals, the simple fact is that unless you are extremely lucky, none of the leads from your content will directly result in a sale. You still need to have a chat with your prospects first. Yes, the content will […]

9 Tools for Finding the Email Address of Target Clients and Candidates

Whether it’s a case of contacting that perfect candidate for a role you’re working on or introducing yourself to a key decision maker at a potential new client, one of the biggest challenges any recruiter faces is getting people’s contact information, in particular, email addresses. There is LinkedIn of course, where if you’re connected to […]

Why Do Some Recruitment Websites Get More Visitors?

As a recruiter, your website should be central to your marketing strategy to find those valuable clients and candidates. Having a well-designed website that is functional and engaging is great. Not only can it be a great resource for your potential clients and candidates, it can also help to show them not just why you […]

Using Google Alerts to Spy On Your Clients and Competitors

Here’s a really cool idea from those smart people at Google. It’s called Google Alerts. According to Google, “Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results based on your choice of query or topic.” If you don’t already use Google Alerts, you need to check it out today:   Basically, you […]