January 26, 2022


Special Guest Q&A – Lisa Dixon – RPO Models

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Have you ever considered starting an RPO? In this episode, we have guest speaker Lisa Dixon sharing all her insight on what an RPO is, what its structure of it looks like and how you can use that as an addition to your business or to market it as a side business. She also touches on the various models that are available and finding the solution that is just right for you. Once again this is an interactive session with many questions and Lisa has all the answers.


[00:12] Lisa introduces herself
[5:42] What is an RPO and what services does it refer to
[12:18] What is the target size company for an RPO?
[13:54] How do you sell your RPO services to a large company and more team questions.
[25:24] Why would you want to develop an RPO?
[31:52] Which RPOs have been around for a while?
[33:26 Exploring the different RPO models you can use
[47:06] Is there a simple way to price RPOs that will provide value to the end customer?
[55:47] How to market an RPO?
[1:01:00] Tips on balancing the services to not compete against yourself
[1:05:18] How to choose what you can promise and what level roles would you be working on?
[1:13:04] Group session and feedback
[1:22:05] Lisa’s feedback
[1:25:02] How can you use RPOs to solve problems for your client?


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