January 26, 2022


Special Guest Q&A Lauren Stiebing

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Like many other recruiters, Lauren Stiebing lost a large part of her income due to Covid-19. She took all the free time on her hands and developed a mentorship program that focus on the development of females into leaders. The session is a Q&A to determine how she did it and what the obstacles were that she had and still has to overcome. Recruitment and mentorship are two different things. She explains what these differences are and she makes it work to have two independent sales streams work for her.


[00:13] Introducing Lauren Stiebing and what is LS Elevate
[2:27] What does the mentoring of LS Elevate entail and what inspired Lauren to start this?
[07:04] What are the duration of this mentorship and more detail on the program
[11:57] What was your goal and what does the marketing process look like?
[14:22] How did Lauren sell the idea and overcome rejection and what were her metrics?
[17:10] The word mentorship turned out to be a hurdle to overcome. What were other obstacles?
[23:35] How to determine the pricing of the program?
[26:29] How to do matching of mentors and mentees and pitch at?
[33:00] How to get people to volunteer and you make money from it
[36:30] What are the seasonal indicators
[41:27] How to deal with confidentiality and not making mentors poach mentees
[45:24] Take a look at the sales letters that worked for her
[50:12] Getting the right mentors and keeping feedback on them is vital
[54:10] What is a video sales letter?
[1:00:00] Getting multiple pillars of revenue streams to make you stronger
[1:05:09] What were the metrics for sales calls?
[1:09:33] Alternative ideas of the mentorship


📄 Lauren Stiebing
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