Case Study: Solo Recruiter Wins His First Retainer Worth £35k (c$56k)

Case Study: Solo Recruiter in London Wins His First Retainer Worth £35,000 (c$56,000) In this 17-minute Audio Case Study, London based headhunter Rupert Price reveals exactly how he won his first retainer worth £35,000 (about $56,000 USD at the time).  Listen-in as I interview Rupert and he breaks down the key steps he followed. BONUS: […]

Case Study: Recruiting Firm Owner Bills $142,000 in One Month

Case Study: Recruiting Firm Owner Achieves New Personal Best, Billing $142,000 in One Month Imagine billing $142,000 in one month. Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so too, until one of my clients actually did it. Want to know how? Then listen in as I interview recruiting firm owner Ann Zaslow-Rethaber.  In this amazing, […]

The $200,000 Placement Fee

0 Listen in as I interview successful search firm owner, Bob Kondal, about how he earned the biggest payday of his career.  In this 37 minute audio case study, Bob shares many valuable insights. He also speaks candidly about the challenges he’s faced along the way. Here are just a few of the highlights… [0:30] Celebrating […]