July 20, 2021

How to Build a High-Performance Sales Team and Skyrocket Your Growth, with Ian Moyse, Ep #83

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Recruitment is one of the most difficult sales jobs because we are placing human beings and not just products. Building a high-performing sales team is challenging, yet critical to growing a successful recruitment business. How do you hire recruiters who can sell – or at least who have the potential? How do you create a culture of high sales performance? 

These questions will be answered by my special guest, Ian Moyse. Ian is an award-winning sales leader and the Chief Revenue Officer of OneUp Sales, a sales analytics and gamification platform for recruitment companies who want to optimize their team’s performance. 

In this episode, he shares key insights on building candidate relationships, hiring for success, and creating a culture of high performance for your sales and recruitment team. 

How do you build strong candidate relationships? Let @imoyse of OneUP Sales share his insights from the perspective of both a candidate and a hiring manager in this episode of  #TheResilientRecruiter! #recruitment #recruiter #training #coaching


Episode Outline and Highlights

  • Candidate relationships are the key to your success. Hear three key pieces of advice on this subject.
  • Hiring to build a high-performing sales team and why you should focus on behaviour.
  • Six takeaways on what you might need to look for when interviewing a candidate for your team.
  • What if the interview went well but the candidate did not do well on the job? Simple ways of assessing if someone is likely to deliver results.
  • Other considerations we need to look at when assessing a candidate post covid.
  • KPIs and micromanagement issues – how do you create a culture of high sales performance?
  • What are the right metrics to track in a recruitment business? Hear 3 takeaways.

The Good and Bad in Recruitment from a Candidate’s Perspective

Ian and I started off our conversation with his perspective on the good and the bad in recruitment from his experience of being a candidate. He is also a hiring manager which gives him a fair and honest view of what he sees as the best and the worst in recruiting. His insights should be an eye-opener for us in the industry as he shared contrasts on his experience – how some treated him as an individual while others treated him as a product. He shared how some made him feel confident as a candidate while some made him feel that they were just after the commission. Indeed a good way to start off because this is related to the other topics that we talked about especially in hiring and building a high-selling team.

Candidate Relationships is Your Key to Success

You will hear Ian’s key pieces of advice on how to establish good candidate relationships and why it is very important when forming a high-performing team. Here are my takeaways from hour discussion:

1. Candidate is a human being and not a product. 

2. How they remember you have a knock-on effect on you. 

3. Give feedback.

Best to hear from Ian as he elaborates on each of the above.

What You Need to Look for During an Interview

There may be different criteria that you look for when assessing if he or she is fit for your organisation. Ian also shared what he looks for when interviewing a candidate and why he is really keen on looking at behaviour as a primary factor. Here is a list of what I heard:

  • Did they get in touch prior to the interview?
  • Were they prepared? Did they research the people they were meeting and the company itself?
  • How well did they build rapport?
  • Did they bring intelligent questions?
  • Did they take notes during the interview?
  • Did they treat it as a two-way conversation?

We also discussed other considerations you may need to look at especially on mental health because of the pandemic. Also, what if the candidate did well on the interview but was not exactly delivering results on the job? Hear Ian’s practical way of assessing whether a candidate is likely to deliver.

When building a high-sales performing team, what do you need to consider? @imoyse of OneUp Sales gave me golden pieces of advice in our conversation in this episode of  #TheResilientRecruiter! #recruitment #recruiter #training #coaching


Ian Moyse Bio and Contact Info

Ian Moyse, Chief Revenue Officer, OneUp Sales is a long time and award-winning Sales Leader. He was awarded the accolade of BESMA UK Sales Director of the year and in 2019 & 2020 and was also listed in the top 50 Sales Keynote speakers by Top Sales World. Ian is a judge on many sales awards and has grown four companies through to exit, advising many others as a non-exec along the way.

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