July 5, 2022

How this Top Producing Recruiter is Putting Health, Fitness and Family First, with Jordan Rayboy, Ep #133

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Jordan Rayboy is famous within the recruitment industry for billing millions of dollars from his RV. In this interview he reveals that now at age 43 with 3 young kids, he’s no longer interested in accumulation, significance, ego, keeping score or trying to impress people. 

Jordan says he’s rebalanced his life to prioritize health, fitness and family. He told me “I try to be the best husband and father I can be, try to be healthy and my work supports the rest of my life, rather than living to work… I’m in a much happier, positive mental place since the last time we talked.”

In this episode, Jordan gives his inspiring take on prioritizing what matters. He reveals how he is able to balance his priorities while being laser-focused on managing his recruitment business. We also talked about the importance of having a peer group, and he shared his thoughts on valuing mental health as well as practical tips on planning and productivity.

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [2:52] Jordan describes his daily routine while running a recruiting business from his RV.
  • [13:20] How being intentional enables Jordan to balance his priorities while running a profitable recruitment business.
  • [17:50] Jordan’s “Power Planning” process, how to eliminate distractions and execute your plans. 
  • [25:43] Being laser-focused and why you need to have a scheduled planning time.
  • [30:33] Jordan reveals what he is prioritizing at the moment and why he quit marijuana.
  • [42:25] Insights on current events and his mindset towards recessions.
  • [49:30] Why now is the time to keep learning and growing in your respective niche.

The Importance of Being Intentional

It has been around 15 months since we’ve heard Jordan in this podcast. He now shares his latest endeavours: having a new baby, focusing on his health, and prioritizing his family. “Being on the road and living the dream with three little kids and two dogs, still doing it 16 years into the adventure,” is how he describes it. 

He detailed what his daily routine looks like, and it was interesting to hear how busy yet balanced it is in terms of quality of life. Jordan is able to rank a lot of things to improve personal well-being and family life while doing well in his recruitment business. What is the key to his success? For Jordan, it is all about being intentional. 

He schedules his and his family’s health before scheduling phone calls. He knows his sleep is an important component of his health. He puts his sleep in his schedule. He schedules his time with his family first. Doing so, Jordan is in his best shape when it comes to “ground and pound” and is able to manage his business effectively.

How to Avoid Distractions and the Myth of Multitasking

Jordan is well-versed when it comes to power-planning. But for many of us, having a plan is not enough – the challenge is staying focused and executing our plan. How does Jordan stay on track? Jordan shared two tips:

  • Having Open and Closed hours for both business or personal time.  When somebody calls or texts him while biking, he doesn’t answer. Likewise, when he’s working, no one can disturb him in his air-conditioned trailer/office. 
  • Having a good plan allows you to be the author of your own story. It is about being proactive versus being reactive. Planning ahead and focusing on executing your plan can help out in eliminating time-wasters.
  • Having a scheduled planning time. Jordan shares that this is the money-maker in the recruitment industry. You will hear him discuss this and why it makes sense.

Focus on the Right Priorities

With Jordan’s success in both business and personal life, what are his current priorities? He believes that he is past the accumulation stage. He has changed his priorities and is now more focused on things that allow him to find balance and happiness. Jordan’s top priorities these days are more on his health and energy – both physically and mentally. 

He has shifted his mindset to focusing on positive things. I asked Jordan about his feelings on a possible recession and he was able to share very practical tips on how to prepare based on having already experienced multiple recessions.

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Jordan Rayboy Bio and Contact Info 

Jordan Rayboy has always taken the road less traveled. He began his recruiting career with MRI in 2000, and by 2005 was ranked Top Ten globally out of 5,000 recruiters. The following year, Jordan struck out on his own, forming Rayboy Insider Search – the nation’s leading executive search firm in the cybersecurity, data storage, and data center infrastructure marketplace. He joined the Pinnacle Society in 2009, and has served on their Board of Directors and as Member Education Chair.

Being an impatient type-A recruiter, Jordan long ago abandoned the deferred life plan (slave, save, retire). By building an effective virtual team and leveraging technology, Jordan has run his firm for over a decade while traveling full-time in a tour-bus RV with his wife Jeska, their three dogs, and their daughter Ryder. They’ve covered the majority of the U.S. and Canada during their adventure while living their dream every day.

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