March 04, 2021


Part 2 – LinkedIn Tips and Hacks

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This session was all things LinkedIn! What have we discovered in the last quarter about the LinkedIn Algorithm? What’s working? What isn’t working? How can we get better outreach for our posts? We cover everything from
The format of the posts, how and when we should comment and also the alternative methods of communication we can use via LinkedIn. The group share ideas on LinkedIm newsletters and videos/LinkedIn live topics etc.

00:00-02:41 – LinkedIn Stories
02:42– Dwell Time/See More/Comments
08:14-12:29- Golden Hour Reminder/Re-commenting on successful posts/comment deadlines
12:30-16:00 – specifically addressing your target audience in your posts with key words
16:01-21:56 – LinkedIn Groups/Commenting on desired avatar client and candidate posts
21:57-25:07- Hashtag Update
25:06-26:15 – Shield Analytics
26:16-27:18 – Tagging/Keywords/Hashtags
27:19-30:32 – Video – suggestions
30:33-41:08 – Articles with images/LinkedIn Newsletter – 94% more views
41:09-48:26 – LinkedIn Live
48:27-56:56- Docs/Slide Deck/Slides/Alternative methods of comms on LinkedIn

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