October 18, 2022


Apex – Guest Q&A


[03:10 – 07:29] Wins for the week.
[07:30 – 10:17] Outline of topics – differentiation.
[10:18 – 12:47] Members share their unique value proposition.
[12:48 – 17:59] The formula of – Unique, Tangible, and Valuable.
[18:00 – 20:06] Banking on unique methodology and intellectual property.
[20:07 – 22:59] Demonstrating Miguel’s LTAR system as a UVP (floritlegal.com)
[23:00 – 28:59] Joel shared how they came up with a market differentiator in their industry.
[29:00 – 35:59] Exploring the idea of having a platform that can showcase the candidate lists to guide the clients – Allan shares their website and differentiators.
[36:00 – 38:58] Video interviewing platforms discussion.
[39:59 – 46:32] An example of a great differentiator using customer experience.
[46:33 – 47:52] The importance of doing the vision and values exercise in relation to differentiators.
[47:53 – 50:14] Discussion of Karen’s question on market shifting to more candidate led than client led.
[50:15 – 1:00:30] Throwing ideas on dealing with candidates that you cannot place, but asking for your help.
[1:00:31] Session takeaways.

Session Highlights

This session covered weekly wins and focused primarily on differentiators. The value of being unique, tangible, and valuable in terms of making the invisible visible was tackled alongside good examples of websites showing good differentiators.

Resources Mentioned

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