October 06, 2022


Thursday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights 

This session focused on the next big thing action points involving LinkedIn marketing and automation, email campaigns, and considerations when hiring permanent staff. Critique and group review of Tarun’s email campaign draft were also covered.


[01:25 – 02:49] Win of the week.
[02:49 – 07:12]  Kunji shares her intention to hire an STR for sales and BD.
[07:13 – 16:13] Alexis’ win on getting 3 new clients out of a speaking event – discussion on utilizing events for client development.
[16:14 – 18:31] Matt’s placement win.
[18:32 – 23:42] Jenny’s LinkedIn post that created leads and Kunji’s question on LinkedIn posting.
[23:43 – 25:45] Next right thing discussion with RAG status.
[25:46 – 30:50] Discussion on Greg’s question on VA training to sourcing.
[30:51 – 34:12] Kunji’s question on project management tools.
[34:13 – 39:43] Jenny’s next big thing on LinkedIn automation.
[39:44 – 45:26] John’s next big thing on hiring someone to support him in New Jersey – compensation and niche alignment.
[45:27 – 47:10] Matt’s question on the trend of hiring VAs while going solo.
[47:11 – 53:09] Kunji’s question on how to avoid her cold email and cold calling campaign not being marked as spam.
[53:10] Critique of Tarun’s email campaign.

Resources Mentioned

Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
Zoom Info
Call Logic

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