October 04, 2022


APEX Strategy Development

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Session Highlights

In this session two core business components were discussed: 1. Values and Mission – on which Ryder Reid under Callum and Andrea shared their deck for team review and discussion; 2. Corporate Vision Exercise.


[05:36 – 07:12] Amanda’s question on a marketing executive who recently resigned: thoughts on how to hire junior staff on a small business.
[07:13 – 08:21] Ben’s question on hiring strategy – ratio and timing on when to hire.
[08:22 – 09:39] Karen’s question on doing a sanity check for available talents due to the shifting market.
[09:40 – 13:56] New joiner introduction.
[13:57 – 19:48] Walkthrough on Apex Program Strategy Development Plan.
[19:49 – 29:00] Review of Ryder Reid Legal Values and Mission Deck.
[29:01 – 44:21] Group question and feedback on Callum and Andrea’s values and mission deck.
[44:22 – 51:48] Walkthrough on Corporate Vision Exercise.
[51:49] Team sharing their visions for the next three years.

Resources Mentioned

TRR#116 How Treating People Well Delivers 30% Annual Revenue Growth for 15 Years, with Simon La Fosse

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