November 29, 2022


Tuesday Sherpa Call


[02:18 – 06:54] Wins of the week.
[06:55 – 18:04] Explanation of the new call format.
[18:05 – 22:29] Reviewing member priorities across the six pillars.
[22:30 – 29:59] Jodi’s question on deciding what to prioritize under client development.
[30:00 – 39:21] Stuart’s question on getting more clients onboard – exploring the option of email campaigns.
[39:22 – 46:27] Christina’s question on responding to candidates reaching out for opportunities.
[46:28 – 43:17] Matt’s question on a candidate that reached out to him but would not utilize his service previously.
[43:18 – 52:29] Tarun’s question on responding to requests for “closing rate history”.
[52:30 – 59:34] Alexis’ question on keeping a database of candidates.
[59:35] Enric’s question on structuring a case study.

Session Highlights

In this session, the new call format moving forward was explained and the members laid out priority pillars to help them decide which call to attend. Questions on topics regarding email campaigns, candidates database, and requests for close rate history were also tacked.

Resources Mentioned

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