November 15, 2022


Tuesday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights

The key topic for this session is the Post-Placement Process. The team shared their own practices. Some of the practices shared by the group are as follows:

  • Personalized touch approaches such as giving cards or making calls.
  • Sending texts on the first day.
  • Baking brownies, and cookies.
  • Sending a Loom video.
  • Signing bonus.


[01:54 – 09:45] Wins of the week.
[09:46 – 12:43] Discussion topic on the post-placement process.
[12:44 – 26:09] Group sharing of key ideas on their post-placement process.
[26:10 – 31:25] Great approach to using positive feedback for a post-placement process that results in more repeat business.
[31:26 – 32:48] Mark shares an example of a post-placement process that involves training and in-person events.
[32:49 – 33:24] Alexis shared an example of a post-placement process that may also be adapted.
[33:25 – 35:24] Team shares the number of times or follow-ups in their post-placement process.
[35:24 – 37:27] Discussion on positioning referrals.
[37:28 – 40:58] Alexis’ interesting arrangement on her Rockstar Referral Program.
[40:59 – 45:44]  Bernadette’s question on testimonials.
[45:45 – 56:33] Check in on the team’s next best thing.
[56:34] Group shares their session takeaways.

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