November 15, 2022


Dripify Discussion Forum

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This is a forum focused on Dripify. The group shared how they are using the platform, their general experience, and what is working best for them. Topics on campaigns and functionality were discussed, including ideas on how to effectively utilize the tool.


[00:30 – 05:04] Members started sharing how they use Drifpify.
[05:05 – 12:26] Group discussion on the security aspect of Dripify and member experience.
[12:27 – 17:59] Rebecca shares how she uses the email add-on to get contact details.
[18:00 – 21:01] Question by Justin on how many leads Rebecca has on Dripify at the moment.
[21:02 – 24:29] Mike’s question on the purpose of Dripify from a campaign standpoint.
[24:30 – 26:44] Discussion on the option of sending recommendations via Dripify.
[26:45 – 32:36] Discussion on main campaign metrics – acceptance and reply rates.
[32:37 – 40:49] Question to everyone on what has really worked well with Dripify.
[40:50 – 43:38] Idea pitched on future brainstorming sessions.
[43:39 – 51:39] Exploring the option of integrating a Loom video in a Dripify follow-up campaign.
[51:40] Question on how to track the campaigns being responded to.

Resources Mentioned

Sales QL
Source Whale

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