November 08, 2022


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Session Highlights

This session focused on internal hiring strategies. Discussions on training practices and methodologies were covered. Another point of discussion is on hiring fresh grads or undergrads versus hiring experienced recruiters.


[02:00 – 07:47] Group sharing some wins.
[07:48 – 10:42] Preview of Module 2.
[10:43 – 12:47] Outline of this session’s exercise – group sharing on successful hires that they made that members would like to replicate.
[12:48 – 17:20] Member takeaways from the internal recruiting module.
[17:21 – 23:29] Seb and Charlie share their internal recruitment strategies.
[23:30 – 29:02] How Seb and Charlie gained access to recruiting and training undergraduates.
[29:03 – 37:14] Ben’s question on hiring an experienced staff versus a fresh graduate.
[37:15 – 42:42] Seb shares their training methodology for new hires.
[42:43 – 51:16] Ben’s question on how compatible is hiring trainees with a remote business model.
[51:17 – 58:06] Key things to do when hiring experienced fee earners to increase their success.
[58:07 – 1:02:08] Callum shares their success hire story.
[1:02:09 – 1:03:06] Gina shares her success hire story.
[1:03:19] Dan’s question on the reasonable amount of time to spend on internal hiring.

Resources Mentioned

How Treating People Well Delivers 30% Annual Revenue Growth for 15 Years, with Simon La Fosse

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