November 07, 2022


Loxo Forum Discussion

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In this forum, members explored Loxo as a campaign and recruiting software. The team shared their experiences both good and bad. Rebecca took the lead in demonstrating how it is working for her campaigns and shared best practices.


[01:16 – 08:54] The team shares Loxo usage and their experience so far.
[08:55 – 19:17] Rebecca’s screen-sharing and demo on her Loxo search filtering experience.
[19:18 – 27:27] Rebecca shows how she uses the Deal Section for new business prospecting.
[27:28 – 31:19] Fanni shares what works well with her with Loxo.
[31:20 – 34:39]  Rebecca explained the importance of allotting time to organize all data before using Loxo.
[34:40 – 40:46] Patrick’s question on the number of stages set per campaign.
[40:37 – 41:03] Discussion if Loxo can suffice to replace interstellar,, or Sourcewhale.
[41:04 – 45:59] Discussion on costing.
[46:00 – 50:15] Campaign sequence discussion: Recruiter to Dripify, to SalesQL.
[50:16 – 56:46] Support and customer service feedback.
[56:47] Question on how VA tasks can be tied up with Loxo usage.

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