November 01, 2022


Tuesday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights

This session focused on terms of business – participants shared their take on certain terms and clauses when drafting a contract for clients. Components covered include fee percentage, payment terms, guarantee periods, and adding a cancellation fee.


[02:38 – 05:09] Wins for the week.
[05:10 – 12:26] Discussion on terms of business – group comparison on Payment Terms.
[12:37 – 16:06] Discussion on rebate or guarantee periods.
[16:07 – 20:24] Round on fee percentage.
[20:25 – 26:50] Dan raised a question on the “graded guarantee.” Alexis shared her approach to her 3-year guarantee.
[26:51 – 32:05] Mike’s question on a contract stipulation that a client states it will not be billable if a candidate is already in the system.
[32:06 – 35:59] Discussion on placing a clause for a cancellation fee.
[36:00 – 38:44] Discussion on placing a clause for adding a certain interest on late payments.
[38:45 – 55:26] Check in on the participants’ next big thing.
[55:27] Christina shared her next big thing on doing cold calling.

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