November 01, 2022


Apex – Internal Recruitment

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Session Highlights

This session focus on a very important aspect of a recruitment business which is internal recruitment. Group exercises were conducted to lay out members’ plans on how many fee earners they plan to hire and when – with considerations on cash flow and the ratio of job availability.

[03:55 – 05:21] Outlining topic for the day: Internal Recruitment.
[05:22 – 07:09] Stuart Ryder’s introduction.
[07:10 – 10:11] Group input: How much is an average fee earner worth to the business?
[10:12 – 11:44] Group input: How many years is the average tenure of a fee earner?
[11:45 – 14:28] Importance of allocating time to onboard a superstar recruiter/fee earner.
[14:39 – 29:28] Group Exercise: How many fee earners do you plan to hire between now and 2023, and what would be your game plan?
[29:29 – 42:57] Team insights on Stuart’s question on cash flow consideration – group criteria on when to hire a new fee earner.
[42:58 – 49:38] James’ question on the ratio of jobs per consultant and when to decide to hire a new recruiter.
[49:39 – 52:24] Discussion on hiring a business development person alongside a fee earner to generate the demand.
[52:25] Gina’s question on when to let go of a fee earner.

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