December 02, 2021


Inner Circle Momentum – Roundtable Q&A

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In this session, the group addresses a wide range of topics from what would be considered as appropriate wear for candidates to how to get better gains from podcasts and how to measure the success you get from hosting podcasts. They also discussed different ways to gather information from your clients to be able to present them in such a manner that you excite candidates to work for them.

[04:00] Wins
[06:50] How important is the way to dress as part of your success?
[15:15] Robert expands on his content creation and posting process
[22:56] Should I post more podcasts or improve the content? Quantity vs quality
[33:20] How do you measure the success of your podcast?
[42:35] How to get tangible information from clients to get passive candidates engaged?
[48:30] Amy’s example of the culture model – the culture web
[50:30] Jodi’s example of questions to gather this information?
[56:17] How to use CLAMS in obtaining the information you seek. Challenge, Locations, Achievement, Money, Security
[1:02:00] Employer brand consulting – a possible additional revenue stream

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📄 Case Study: VAs for Podcasting – Mentor Nation Podcast with John Abbas – Blog
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