February 07, 2022


Monday Marvels – Roundtable Member Q&A

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VAs can be a wonderful addition to your business or they can rob you of a tremendous amount of time. Which way your appointment would go would depend largely on appointing the right candidate, the type of training you provide, how well you explain the industry, where they fit in and why what they do is important and then never forget to maintain some level of a personal relationship with them to ensure a team feeling. During this session the team covered what appears to be shared concerns regarding VA as well as what works well for them.


[01:51] Feedback and wins

[21:21] Chris’s problem with his VA

[24:50] Lesson – be clearer towards VA about what you want

[25:58] Whatsapp is not the best form of communication with VAs

[27:05] Best practices for VAs to ensure effective communication and to get them going

[35:08] It is vital to market training with your VA to explain the industry and where they fit in

[41:00] Robert explaining that his VAs do fantastic but 1 is lagging behind after 5 months

[43:10] How long to give a VA to perform before pulling the plug?

[49:18] What signs are you looking for in a VA to know they are on the right track

[52:00] What is the best way to communicate with your VAs

[56:00] Even when it is a distributed team – treat the team the same as when they would sit in your office – keep it personal

[58:52] When you get a VA doing market mapping – what is your approach?

[1:03:19] Take-aways from today’s session

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