January 31, 2022


Monday Marvels – BA Module 5

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As time goes by, it is important to refresh not only your LinkedIn profile but also how you manage this part of your business. In this session, the team discusses several tools and techniques that will help you to make the most of your LinkedIn profile. They consider the different obstacles that might arise from the platform and what are the best ways to address them.


[04:37] Wins
[07:00] To what extent do you leverage LinkedIn to generate conversations with clients/candidates?
[12:44] The major changes in LinkedIn since Module 5 was recorded
• The limitation on the number of daily connection requests
• The way LinkedIn crush automation tools trying to integrate with them
[20:15] Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is fresh and speaks to your client market
[21:12] The steps to ensure that your profile remains valid 
[25:05] How to use Shield Analytics to your benefit
[29:00] Consistency is key when it comes to LinkedIn posts
[33:09] Different routes to follow to ensure you have consistency with LinkedIn posts
[40:11] What questions do you have or challenges do you see with setting up a system on LinkedIn?
[41:36] The response on automated posts are less than with native posts
[43:25] If you would start from scratch – what would you do differently?
[49:55] Should I post on my personal account or company account?
[52:26] What is the next step you need to take to improve your results from LinkedIn?
[1:01:40] Should I post on a weekend?

Documents & Resources
🌐 Calendly
🌐 Expandi  
🌐 Dripify  
🌐 LinkedIn Helper  
🌐 Octopus  
🌐 Loxo  
🌐 TashRizzo
🌐 Shield Analytics  
🌐 Hootsuite  
🌐 MeetEdgar
🌐 Buffer  
🌐 26Characters
🌐 Paiger  
🌐 Salesql  
🌐 Interseller  
🌐 Swordfish

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