January 24, 2022


Monday Marvels – BA Module 4

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During this session, the group covers a range of topics that are all pain points at the moment in their journey. A lot of attention is given to data, where and how to find quality data, what you should pay for it and what the best practices are to get your hands on the kind of data you need in your business. Other topics that did also surface are a list of tools to find freelancers and automate certain tasks. Lastly, some tips on questions to ask your marketing company and how to make sure you hire the right VA for you.


[03:18] When creating any content, determine whether you would be able to repurpose or leverage it again.
[04:00] Wins
[08:40] When you create content, make sure you can repurpose it gain leverage from it
[13:07] There are many different ways to use data
[15:53] Now much should you spend on purchasing information
[18:03] Alternatively you can also hire VA to gather the necessary information for you
[20:40] Can also build own data systems on LinkedIn
[21:56] You don’t need to do business with all, you just need a select group of the right people
[25:23] Updating your data is an ongoing process
[28:05] The best way to hire someone for short-term data capture
[30:28] The difference between hiring an individual and having a long term commitment
[35:00] Finding the right tools to achieve what you set out to do
[42:30] Is there a faster way to boost your connections than creating CSV files and uploading them?
[48:00] A solution to work around LinkedIn’s limitation on weekly invitations
[48:42] What is the most important thing on your schedule? Implementation is key
[52:50] What calendar tools are you using?
[54:55] Questions to ask when interviewing a digital marketing firm
[1:00:00] Tips on hiring a VA – give them a task

Documents & Resources
🌐 The ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes  
🌐 Upwork  
🌐 Fiverr  
🌐 Renta coder  
🌐 Mr Backoffice  
🌐 VA Happy  
🌐 Interseller  
🌐 Loxo  
🌐 Reply.io  
🌐 Greenhouse  
🌐 Octopus  
🌐 Calendly

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