January 17, 2022


Monday Marvels – BA Module 3

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When you address prospective clients, the wording that you use and the way you present your message, and what you can offer them, is vital to your success. Case studies can be a great tool to show the market what you are doing but you need to be clear on who do you help and what would you help them to achieve. The group explores the different possibilities there is to structure such a message and to see how you can best reach out to your target market and produce magnetic marketing messages.


[11:51] Magnetic messaging – exploring the specifics around creating a good message
[13:53] Feedback from Mod 3 – case studies are important as they can help clients identify with pain points
[17:57] Templates makes it easy to capture info upon placement to use as a case study
[20:09] How do you present your case studies – use tangible results
[25:09] Example of case study incorporated in your website 
[27:56] An example of formal presentation of case study
[31:40] Email templates to present your case study
[37:45] Who do you help and what do you help them to achieve? Team feedback
[43:43] Identify the core of your message and use the right words that your market need to hear – Carlo
[47:47] Can think as a brand to present a more generic message but individual team members can present a more direct message – Gina
[49:58] Can present a client with a particular problem that you can help them avoid without presenting it as fear-mongering – Gina
[50:52] Finding correct wording that resonates with the client to  describe your case study in the correct wording – revisit an avatar client to obtain correct lingo – Rebecca
[55:05] Can monetize case study, present how much you help the client increase their assets – John
[1:01:39] Rather sell the shelves and what you’ll be putting onto it than the drill you’ll be using
[1:04:58] Advice on the best way to hire digital marketing services

Documents & Resources
📄 Interseller Webinar – Cold Email Templates
📄 Case Study
📄 Paul Foster’s “Scale MRR” Cold Email Campaign
📄 Interseller Email Sequence – Paul Foster Review
📄 Example #2 – Adam Tully Email Template
📄 Case Study Email Template – Adam Tully Review

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