January 10, 2022


Monday Marvels – BA Module 2 – Leanne

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A good start to keep the momentum of the new year going. The team touched on several topics from how to define your niche market, setting your goals and how often you should review them as well as CRMs and what you should expect of them. Then the conversation shifted to VAs and how you can source them, train them and what you can expect of them to become a helpful aid in your success. Through an initial time investment, you VA can become a valuable role player in your business.


[12:53] Robert is focusing on product areas to support his min fee
[13:52] Leanne expands on Job Order Matrix
[15:56] Pros and cons of Loxo
[15:18] What should you expect from your CRM?
[20:42] Does anyone have a CRM that integrates as desired?
[23:21] Expanding on the role of the VA
[24:37]How often should you look at your plan and goals?
[28:27] Take-aways from discussions for goals
[31:21] Becoming more specialized, Rebecca shares more on that
[33:10] Leanne shares insights on the criteria for clients you want to have
[36:05] Rebecca asks about pitfalls when moving to a new database
[44:28] VAs and how to source the right people
[46:30] Top three types of tasks for VAs
[48:12] Robert expands on his VAs doing 1st level of screening of candidates, salaries and licencing
[51:13] Leanne shares tips on training a VA
[56:17] The vault contains a few videos regarding how to work around VPNs to allow VAs work as you
[56:45] treat training a VA exactly like you would train a full-time employee and other tips
[1:00:36] Tests for writers

Documents & Resources
🌐 Job Order Matrix – Grading Your Existing Client Base
📄 Job Order Matrix
📄 Balanced Scorecard

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