December 13, 2021


Monday Marvels – BA Module 2 – Leanne

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In this session, the team discusses the importance of having a clear idea regarding your niche and what your avatar looks like. They also touch on how to say no to legacy clients when they ask you to do something outside of your niche, how not to spread yourself too thin and staying on top of what your clients are doing.


[01:20] Wins
[04:39] Clark explains how he redefined his focus
[08:29] Tools to tap into a much wider pool of information to create the perfect client avatar
[10:28] Don’t dismiss legacy clients, but make sure you identify your niche to establish yourself as an authority
[13:30] Creating a clientbase that is in line with your business
[14:00] When you have a niche – you are far more familiar with the market and can be more efficient
[18:57] Having a niche, you might have to headhunt from a client. How to overcome cross-over
[26:09] The key of having a niche is to not spread yourself too thin 
[30:54] Have scoops in place to get alerts when something happens to your client
[32:00] Getting intel on your market to inject back into marketing
[34:00] Creating a realistic avatar, building up data outside of LinkedIn
[47:33] Saying no to long-staning clients asking for something outside of your niche
[54:36] Takeaways and next steps

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