December 17, 2020


Members Q&A Roundtable

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This Member’s Roundtable Q&A covered several different topics including enhancing deliverability of emails, and the importance of checking your email score/health, we discussed firing a client, and saying no to a client. We spoke about how to best fit in business development, and dealing with the overwhelm of information. Also, members shared a few of their experiences to do with lightbulb moment, and how they try to stick to a schedule, segment their database, or how they are still going through the motions of market mapping.

[00:00-11:22] – Breaking down a 90 Day Plan further
[11:23-23:33] – Enhancing the deliverability of your emails, and checking the ‘health’ of your email address
[23:34-32:51] – Jeff gives his takeaways after completing all of the Billings Accelerator modules, and his incredible reference spreadsheet that he has created to help him whilst on a call with a prospective client
[32:52-40:14] – App announcement – how each of our platforms work together and how to do with information overload
[40:15-44:00] – LinkedIn posts, scheduling time for BD, and the importance of consistency
[44:01-46:11] – Firing a client, saying no to business
[46:12-1:02:01] – Challenges of defining or re-defining your niche, and ensuring your database is properly segmented

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