December 5, 2022


Marketing Pillar


[00:00:10 – 06:00] Sharing of wins.
[06:01 – 09:59] Group members sharing topics for discussion.
[10:00 – 17:38] Fanni and Tifanni’s question on creating a marketing roadmap.
[17:39 – 24:06] Scott’s question on baseline expectations to be effective in marketing.
[24:07 – 27:26] Discussion on LinkedIn’s content generator.
[27:27 – 34:29] Allan’s question on coming up with different content.
[34:30 – 45:31] Group exercise on ideas for clients to improve on for talents.
[45:32] Group member shares the next best thing they are working on for marketing.

Session Highlights

This is the pilot Marketing Pillar call – the focus is on the marketing activities that the members are working on for reference in future calls. Questions on content and marketing format were brought forward. Idea sharing among members was also encouraged.

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