November 5, 2020


Market Mapping, Database Segmentation, CRM Systems

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In this session, we discussed the importance of database segmentation and the best approach to the exercise of ‘market mapping’ in order to identify and scrape/transfer all of your LinkedIn connections into your database. We also spoke about Loxo, JobAdder and Interseller, and highlighted some of the features that these tools offer. We addressed and had an open discussion around the workarounds of whether or not to let your VAs use your LinkedIn and CRM systems too.

00:00-08:00 – Database Segmentation
08:01-20:13 – Market mapping, and how to identify and transfer all of your LI connections into your database
20:14-22:13 – Using Interseller
22:14-27:05 – Greg speak about his CRM Loxo and some of the beneficial features
27:05-33:56 – Susie speaks about why she chose Jobadder CRM over others
33:57-45:47 – Leanne shares some of the new features on the new LMS
45:48-50.11 – Scheduling posts on LinkedIn using certain tools
50:12-57:01- VA workaround, should you allow your VA to use your LinkedIn profile, CRM etc.?

Recommendations mentioned in the session (tools, articles, books, websites):

📄 Market Mapping – London – Candidates
📄 Example – Marketing Mapping – Retail- Candidates
📄 Example – Market Mapping FS Clients
📄 Example – Market Mapping Retail Clients
📄 Candidate Mapping – Recruiter Lite – LinkedIn – Sales People

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