July 28, 2022


Thursday Sherpa Call

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Session Highlights

The key highlights for this session are about video content creation – when to focus spend on production value and when to be more authentic and create natural videos using the phone. Questions on newsletter campaign, podcast, and content strategy were also tackled.


[01:02 – 05:39] Scott kicked off the discussion on creating video content based on Taylor’s videos.
[05:40 – 12:50] Discussion on when to spend on production value or when to be more authentic when creating videos.
[12:51 – 17:19] Group sharing of video setups.
[17:20 – 21:49] Sharing of wins.
[21:50 – 32:32] Scott’s question on starting a newsletter campaign.
[32:33 – 37:09] Peter shares his ideas on video content creation.
[37:10 – 41:47] Jodi’s question on tools for building a prospect list with assets under management.
[41:48 – 46:49] Discussion on content strategy.
[46:50 – 51:18] Martin shares his update on video content creation.
[51:19 – 1:01:33] Participants share their updates on respective campaigns.
[1:01:34] Taylor shares his update on creating a podcast and group suggestions.

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