December 1, 2021


James Howell – Hosting Webinars – Hot Seat

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While webinars can be extremely daunting to do and many would feel that they are not up to the challenge of setting up the process, finding speakers and getting the correct technology in place, James Howell shares in this session how easy it is to do and how beneficial it can be to include webinars as part of your regular business practices. He explains how he started the process, why he chose hosting a live event over podcasts and the major contribution it made to set him apart as an authority in his field.

[0:10] Checking in with James
[02:49] What motivated James to start doing webinars?
[07:00] Introducing James and webinars
[08:43] James sharing why he started doing webinars – the first steps from starting to growing it
[14:30] What was James’s criteria for finding speakers on his webinars
[16::30] What does James include in his invitation emails to speakers
[20:40] What technology do you need to run a successful webinar?
[23:22] Who determines the topics to speak about?
[24:20] An example of a webinar registration page?
[27:00] What are the benefits of doing webinars?
[31:05] How to use and does James have a sequence of emails?
[32:05] Why you shouldn’t tell people in advance that you will record the webinar
[36:50] What are the different ways how you can use your webinars to expand your reach?
[40:00] The follow-up steps after the webinar
[43:20] Additional ways to use your webinar recordings to get people to sign up
[46:00} What is the main difference between podcasts and webinars
[51:00] Can James trace placements directly to his webinars?
[53:00] Ways to find the best speakers in your field to be your speakers
[57:00] Being consistent is the key to success
[57:30] Were there changes in the metrics of attendance of these webinars?

📄 Webinar Registration Sample
📄 Email Templates – Webinar Process – James Howell
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